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Ice Poseidon should apologize to Ed Wells the owner of the Chowder Heads

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Ice Poseidon AKA Paul Denino, One of the most viewed streamer on youtube gaming has been streaming for a long time and one of his gags with his viewers is Ed' AKA his old boss.. Now you may ask how did he became a gag ? Well long time ago around 1 year ago when Paul was streaming " Runescape " one of the most old MMOs on Twitch he started talking about his old job at " Chowder heads " and his viewers already knew where he was living so they looked about a " Chowder Heads " near his location, it wasn't hard to find as there was only one Sea food restaurant near him. So the fans started to prank call Ed Wells the owner of Chowder Heads Sea Food

After a year we fans want to make our past mistakes look good as we want Paul to stream himself Apologizing to Ed in person /IN FLORIDA/. We have noticed how much Paul has been using Legal drugs to boost his stamina and we think it would be wise for his old boss to have a talk with him.

If you sign this petition it helps a young man become a better man in his life.  

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