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Let my fiancé see our newborn baby - Grant his visa now.

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Earlier this year my fiancé and I were so excited to have our first baby. But our world came crashing down when we received news that he would not be there for the birth because the Home Office refused his visa. All he wanted was to be there for his daughter’s birth and support us during the first weeks of her life.

Alia ended up being born 2 weeks early, which the doctors told me could have been due to stress. I ended up having an emergency C-Section while my fiancé was on the phone to me from Morocco - in shock and despair. When our little girl came along she wasn't breathing. I then had to relay that back to my fiancé in tears. The doctors managed to resuscitate her and get her breathing before rushing her off for an urgent blood transfusion. Now doctors believe she may be carrying Thalassemia.

We urge the Home Office to let Abderrahman’s into the country on a tourist visa now so he can accompany us both to our daughter’s crucial upcoming appointment in December.

The Home Office refused Abderrahman’s application saying that they could not be certain we could afford to get him a flight back to Morocco - despite us having booked a return ticket in advance. We have been together for 3 years and just want a normal safe life for our daughter.

It means that he is ineligible on Alia’s birth certificate as he was not present to register the birth and we are not married. This is very important to us as if anything ever happens to me then my daughter will be placed into care while he proves that he is the father. Our mental health has rapidly decreased due to the unnecessary stress of him not being by his daughter's side and me dealing with this alone.

We are devastated and disappointed in the way the Home Office have treated us so far - we can’t bare to imagine what it might have been like if our little girl hadn’t survived. If you have children, you can imagine our pain. Thank you for taking time to read our petition - please sign.

We have also had to result to a gofundme page due to finding out costs will be at least £12000 to get Alias daddy over here permanently. This is excessive and a huge amount of money which we can't afford alone even with two of us working full time and Alia being without both parents so if you can donate we would be eternally grateful. You can find our link to our gofund me here:

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