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Petition to bring back Quiet #rescuequiet

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As you will know by now, after you trigger a certain story element, Quiet disappears and will remain irreversible gone from your roster. This matter has been pondered a great deal on the steam forums ( and we have decided that launching a petition against the treatment of Quiet and in turn, through her treatment, the treatment of us the fans.

Our objections against the disappearance of Quiet are multifarious and some quite different, but they broadly fit into two logical categories.

-Firstly, her disappearance is a nuisance from a gameplay perspective. She is an incredibly powerful combat support character, and if you intend to gain 100% completion and happen to lose her before attaining it, chances are that your life just got a lot harder. There is absolutely no way to get her back, short of using the butterfly emblem and foregoing the completion of the game. In other words, you lose one of your most expensive and most efficient and useful assets. There is also absolutely no prompt to let you know that it is going to happen and the eventual

-Secondly, some of us believe that there is inadequate proof to suggest that she had died and, indeed, her complete and irreversible departure under the circumstances of her closing mission is unwarranted. Although we recognise that there is merit to tragedy and drama, we also feel that tragedy is much less meritorious when it is haphazardly explained just to make shift. A few reasons why think that her presumed death is puzzling are as follows:

She is listed as M.I.A. This suggests that even Code Talker could not say for certain that her circumstances led to her inevitable death. If Code Talker is uncertain about it, we should be too.
Her lungs have been reduced to nothing but necrotic tissue after the events that transpired in the hospital and it is difficult to see how a parasite that kills its host through targeting her lungs could harm a person who, in any case, has no functionality nor use of her lungs and acquires nutrition and oxygen through her skin instead.
It is difficult to see how the parasites can complete their reproductive cycle via the destroyed lungs of Quiet and it is inconceivable to think that, given these circumstances, she could remain infectious indefinitely.
There is also no indication that her speech truly triggered the reproduction of the parasites. There was no medical examination, and it is difficult to gauge how much speech would be required to trigger it.
In her final scene she departed after chambering a round into her sniper rifle and placing it over her shoulder. This is not typical behaviour for those who are inexorably going to die, and the issue about her lungs and thus the effect of the parasite on them coupled with this points more towards the fact that she is going into self-imposed exile.
Ultimately, we'd like to have her back in the form of either a patch or a DLC. Many of us would even be willing to pay for such DLC and given how MGS5 is protected by Denuvo, this could be a secure source of revenue for Konami that would leave many fans very satisfied that our voices count.

We feel, after looking at the Japanese forums regarding this matter, that they are, or at the very least many of them are, just as puzzled as we, and that a common goal warrants our co-operation in this matter and, furthermore, that their voices carry great weight for the obvious reason that they are Konami's principal market.

We would like your support in this matter - in spreading the message and signing the petition and we'd also love to hear your theories and opinions on the matter.

Over and out. 

Thanks for reading!


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