Konami: Bring Stun Knife to Campaign and FOB mode!

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Since MGS3: Snake Eater the knife is an estimated item in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, a complimentary item for all players, a tool loved by Snake and fans of the series for years.

In The Phantom Pain campaign mode, the knife can only be used indirectly by grabbing an opponent. It would be wonderful if we could have the Fighting Knife or something like Stun Knife (MGS4) to expand our tactical entertainment in single player and FOB mode.

It is a bit annoying that they brought the knife to MGO3, but not to the whole game, while other items that are much less emblematic are introduced. However, it is not too late, in September MGSV complete three years old, and it would be incredible if Konami brought the knife as the next content. Therefore, we ask Konami to fulfill this desire.

Let's take this petition to Konami and make the MGSV: The Phantom Pain "a bit more complete" with our precious knife in hand.

Thank you!