EFL Petition

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As we observed how Mr. Eddy Wilsher taught us for this past months, we believe that Mr. Eddy Vien will be a better teacher, because his teaching method is a better fit for our IGCSE exam, where in Mr. Eddy Wilsher's teaching methods seems like it does not fit our class. It is because we do not want to fail our IGCSE exam due to the fact that his teaching pace is slightly too slow for us to successfully do the IGCSE exams next November, since we often waste spending 4 periods a week for EFL and we've barely made any progress on the syllabus. We do not intend to offend anyone, it's just a case of our grades and different teaching and learning styles.

Thus, we suggest that we ask Mr. Eddy Vien to teach us 2 periods per week, i.e. half of the EFL periods in a week, to compensate what we have missed in this 2 months. Since the EFL students were previously handpicked by him, we believe that he will understand our learning style and adapt to prepare us for the IGCSE exams more efficiently. We believe, with Mr. Eddy Vien teaching us, we can learn more to achieve better grades in our IGCSE exam.