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Debut Stray Kids as Nine! BRING FELIX AND MINHO BACK #NineOrNone

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When Stray Kids first aired, JYP had promised us that no eliminations would take place. Stray Kids is a show that aired supposedly to show the nine members of Stray Kids prepare and train for debut.

On the November 7 episode of Stray Kids, member Lee Minho was eliminated from the show due to a lyrical mistake he made while performing. Was it necessary to eliminate him because of a small mistake when he is indeed a very talented dancer and a valuable member of Stray Kids? Or is it just a scheme to get the internet buzzing and increase viewer ratings of the show?

Today, on December 5, 2017, member Felix is the next member to be eliminated from the show, mainly because he simply cannot speak Korean well. JYP has debuted groups with non-native Korean speakers, and all of them learnt the language fast and adapted to the culture as well. Felix could have done the same, especially with his hard working personality. Again, is it necessary to eliminate Felix because of this, when he could simply learn the language as time goes by? Or is this another tactic by M-net and JYP to heighten the climax given that the show only has 2 more episodes?

We believe that Felix, along with Minho, are valuable members of Stray Kids. We want to see them debut together with the rest of Stray Kids. The remaining seven members of Stray Kids do not deserve to see their friends eliminated. Imagine the pain they will feel knowing that they left their friends Minho and Felix behind, even if they encounter success in their future endeavours as singers. 

JYP, we will stand by the nine members of Stray Kids. It is Nine, or None. Bring MINHO and FELIX back.

Support Stray Kids as NINE, this is the lineup we want to see: HELLEVATOR MV

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