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Bring Back Alice Evans on The Originals

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As the fifth season of The Originals (The CW) is the final, we, fans, would like to see Esther Mikaelson, played by the beautiful Alice Evans, that somehow, undeservedly, hasn't been showing up for a long time. 

First of all, Esther is the mother of all vampires (and by "all" we mean like every vampire in this universe), she's the beginning and she is one of those characters that you always want to discover.

We've already seen Esther on The Originals, but the character, unfortunately, was mainly played by different actresses, and with all our respect, we don't think anyone can ever surpass Alice Evans, who showed up only in some flashbacks and the season 2 finale. 

The very first time we saw Alice Evans was in 3.08 of The Vampire Diaries, her performance was just amazing. Alice managed to demonstrate Esther's pain, her old style, the love and hate for her children. This unique actress didn't even need to say anything: all the emotions could be seen in her eyes. Alice Evans  magnificently convinced us to love Esther, no matter how many bad things the character had done. 

Alice Evans is and always was the real Esther Mikaelson and it's, we suppose, obvious for the actress to come back for the final season of The Originals. 

Let's remember that there would be no Originals without Esther. She's important.

We want the executive producers of the show (including the cast and crew) to draw attention to this petition since, along with the final season, it's our final request.

Please, sign the petition if you want to see Esther performed by Alice Evans!


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