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Judge Stacy Romeo is assisting Child Protective Services with kidnapping children from their parents by acting with bias, prejudice and in violation of the Constitutional Rights of parents in her courtroom. In the current case of father Dimitri Cash, Judge Romeo has unlawfully failed to state the Jurisdiction under which she is operating, thus helping CPS take action however they wish against him. She has refuses to hear the testimonies of 3 medical professionals whom all have spoken positively of father Dimitri's mental health and abilities to care for, love and provide for his two young children.

 Judge Romeo is currently trying to charge father Dimitri Cash with neglecting, abusing and abandoning his children despite the fact that all abuse allegations against him were investigated and unfounded. All the while his kids are suffering neglect at the hands of foster parents whom have left his daughter in dirty diapers resulting in severe vaginal rashes and his son has suffered countless cuts and bruises on his face at the hands of the foster parents. The mother of his two children and her young daughter from a previous relationship whom made these false claims against Dimitri in 2017 have recanted their statements and apologized for their lies, yet, Judge Romeo refuses to dismiss the case and has held his two children in foster care where they have suffer emotional and physical abuse for the past 3 years as of August 2020. She is now seeking to terminate his Rights, claiming that he has permanently abandoned the children even though she is the one who stopped his visitations with his children. Dimitri continues to fight to bring his children home despite having gone through 2 bad attorneys who failed to raise facts of the case that proved his innocence, and Judge Romeo's attempts at keeping him from his children by guiding Child Protective Service and their attorneys on how to fight against him rather than acting in the best interest of the children.

Help us place these two children back into the hands of their upstanding father and place a clear standard of practice on Family Court Judges so that they will not abuse their powers against parents of any race. We must hold Judge Stacy Romeo accountable for her abuse of the law in the courtroom.

Reach out to Supervising Judge Gallagher directly, you can call (585) 371-3697, or you can address and send letters to him:

Honorable John B. Gallagher

Supreme Court, Monroe County  

545 Hall of Justice

Rochester, NY 14614

Thank you so much for caring!

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