Stop Prolonged Conflict! Minister of ATR / BPN Sofjan Djalil Should Open HGU Information!

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"So PT. Borneo Surya Mining Jaya is destroying forests, destroying the rights of indigenous Muara Tae people, intimidating, pressuring Muara Tae people not to defend the land," said Petrus Asuy, Muara Tae traditional elders.

Its been 46 years, Peter Asuy along with other Muara Tae indigenous people put an effort for retain their customary territory from seizure by timber companies, oil palm plantations, and mines. Muara Tae, a village in East Kalimantan, inhabited by the Dayak Benuaq Ohokng indigenous people. Out of 10.8 thousand hectares Muara Tae customary territory that has already mapped, only 6% are freed from the company's concessions, the remaining 94% still overlaping with permits of oil palm companies and mines.

Before the company came, local people were looking for a source of livelihood from the forest. Water, rattan, wood, hunted animal, fish, honey, and medicinal plants are available abundantly. Now people's access to forests is cut off, and they live in prolonged suffering and uncertainty over their land.

The Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI) study on 2017 in eight provinces, including East Kalimantan, found that 1.52 million hectares of customary territories overlap with company concessions. Oftenly, overlapping in the same location is the result of inaccurate information. Lack of access to information also causes community groups lose on conflicts over forest and land tenure.

This conflict can actually be resolved if the Cultivation Rights Title document (HGU) is opened to the public. This HGU contains complete information such as the name of the rights holder, location, area size of ​​HGU, commodity type, and company's concession map. So conflict resolution on are overlap with people territory can refer to the data. There will be no more confused citizen on their land boundaries.

FWI has been fighting for the access of HGU documents for more than 2 years, starting from data requests to the Ministry of agrarian affairs and spatial planning/ national land agency , until appeal to the Supreme Court. FWI has won in the Supreme Court, so the Ministry of agrarian affairs and spatial planning/ national land agency should comply with the judge's decision by opening the HGU document! But until now, the Ministry of agrarian affairs and spatial planning/ national land agency is still closing the acess.

We need your support to urge theMinistry of agrarian affairs and spatial planning/ national land agency Sofyan Djalil to obey the law by opening HGU documents to the public. We believe that the opening of the HGU document can accelerate the resolution of the conflict so that the Muara Tae Indigenous People do not have to suffer in the prolonged conflict.

Let's go through the prolonged conflict, support our petition!

#Open HGU Document Information!