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Arrests and detentions made by the Police Resort Mempawah with allegations of stealing the fruit bunches of palm fruit originated from a harvest conducted by Ayub in his own land who was conflicted with PT. Cipta Tumbuh Berkembang (CTB) and PT. Sintang Raya (SR).    

The land area of 64 hectares located in Patok 30 Dusun Melati, Olak – Olak Kubu Village is a plot of 32 people who started working on collectively since 2005-2006 with the type of rubber plant, Pineapple, Corn and various other vegetables.        

In 2008, PT. Cipta Tumbuh Berkembang started to enter Olak - Olak Village and offered to cooperate with the cultivators to make palm plasma plantation by giving the Plant Growing Loss (GRTT). To build PT. CTB was granted a permit location of 13. 658, 67 Ha and in the Village Olak - Olak PT. CTB planted oil palm on 801 ha of land where 151 Ha (20%) is plasma in Block C, A and Block B. On the land area of 151 Ha is entering area of 64 Ha which is a plot of 32 people patok 30 Dusun Melati, Olak – Olak Kubu Village, precisely located in block A and B.

PT. CTB started planting in 2009, but on the way there was a conflict between PT. CTB with PT. Sintang Raya due to overlapping locations and there is a peace agreement between PT. CTB and PT. Sintang Raya. The peace, the result of the land area of 801 ha in the Village Olak - Olak submitted to the PT. Sintang Raya without first notifying and requesting the approval of Olak - Olak Villagers as partners or Plasma farmers. Residents protested over decision of PT. CTB and refused to surrender its land to PT. Sintang Raya, the rejection is shown by taking over again and managing the land area of 64 Ha which they previously worked in cooperation with PT. CTB as Plasma partner in 2013.

Until 2017 residents take care of and manage the land collectively and keep it from the forced takeover by PT. Sintang Raya, no small cost incurred by the citizens. Throughout the year 2013 -2017 there is a conflict of citizens with PT. Sintang Raya and various acts of human rights violations experienced by community of Patok 30 Dusun Melati, Olak-olak Kubu village, 43 people have been criminalized on charges of theft. In fact, they harvest on their own land, dozens of others experience intimidation, terror and even violence.      

Tragically, 2016, where the community were terrorized and intimidated until the 30 Patok community evacuated at the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas-Ham) representative office of West Kalimantan because they felt insecure in their homes.       

To date, there has been no serious effort by the government to resolve the conflict between the community and PT. Sintang Raya and PT. CTB. Whereas the conflict between the community and the two companies has been reported to the Regent of Kubu Raya, the Governor of West Kalimantan, the National Commission on Human Rights, to the Office of Staff Peresiden (KSP), so that criminalization again and settle Job. Until this chronology is published, Ayub can not be ascertained, because there is a ban from Mepawah Resort Police to be visited by lawyers who will provide legal assistance.

On the basis of these chronological and facts, we condemn the forced arrest by the Mempawah Police Resort and demanded:

1.      To the Police Resort paddies to immediately release Ayub unconditionally.

2.     To the Chief of Police to order the Kapolres Mempawah to immediately release Ayub and conduct checks on the alleged procedural violations committed by the Police Resort Mempawah in making arrest to Ayub and the prohibition to the lawyer to give the legal assistance.                

We urge Komnas HAM and the National Ombudsmen Commission to be able to conduct Investigations to ensure the fulfillment of all Ayub Rights. We invite all parties to give support to Ayub and other peasants who are now fighting for the Rights of those seized by PT. Cipta Tumbuh Berkembang and PT. Sintang Raya.

578 telah menandatangani. Mari kita ke 1.000.