My baby was fed formula WITHOUT my consent!

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I had developed gestational diabetes in the 7th month of my pregnancy. When my baby was born, he was kept in the NICU for observing his sugar levels. During the time he spent in the NICU, he was fed formula WITHOUT my consent, even though there was a milk bank in the hospital and my baby could have been fed human milk during the early stages of his life.

The importance of breast milk, especially in the early days of a baby's life, cannot be emphasised enough and yet the doctors chose formula over human milk. Without our consent. Why?

Why did the doctors feel parental consent is not needed? Luckily, my baby was in the NICU only for a day. Had he been there for a longer time, I cannot even imagine how hard it would have been for me to wean him off formula. I know quite a few mothers who’ve had a tough time switching from formula to breast milk. There are enough studies which have proven the benefits of breast milk over formula. Why then are new parents not being educated about the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk and how vital is it for the baby? Why is no consent required before feeding formula? Don’t the parents get to have a say in this and how it could impact the health of their baby long term?

Join me and sign this petition to make it mandatory for doctors to educate new parents about the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk and ask for their consent if at all, formula needs to be given to their baby.

Breast is not just the best, but also the biological norm!

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