Make Jerusalem the capital of peace!

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What is currently happening in the Middle East is hard for peaceful people to understand. Iraq cannot settle down, Syria is a bloody disaster, Egypt can only be kept in check by rigorous authority, and a merciless civil war rages further east in Yemen. And now Jerusalem again. No one knows whether peace plans, no matter how well thought out, will ever attract attention. One stands as a cosmopolitan like an ox before the mountain of despair and is inclined to give oneself over to more hopeful thoughts about the future. What else can you do?

In a politically united world, such problems could be overcome quickly; indeed, they would not even arise. But let's try a few smaller numbers first. What we believe is lacking in the Middle East is a stable core region of peace. We had achieved something like this in Europe after the Second World War with Franco-German reconciliation, in which old hereditary enemies accepted reason. Why shouldn't this also be possible in the Levant? In our opinion, the key would be the project of a federation of Israel, Palestine and Jordan, which could be jointly described as >>> Jordan Union <<<. Not because of Jordan's priority, but named after the Jordan River, which has a special significance for all religious communities in the centre of the region.

The perspective of a Middle East alliance is nothing new. It has been raised repeatedly in the past, for example by the liberal religious and cultural philosopher Martin Buber. "Following the historical events of the 1930s and 1940s in Europe, especially the rise of the National Socialists, which led to Auschwitz and the murder of six million Jews, Buber finally accepted the reality of the state of Israel proclaimed on 14 May 1948. Since then, instead of a binational Palestine, he has favored the idea of a Middle East federation with an internationalized Jerusalem."[wikipedia] However, such peace initiatives have repeatedly failed because of the irrationality of the majority of those affected themselves. It is worth recalling the words of Jitzchak Rabin, just before his violent death: "I would like to thank every one of you who has come here today to demonstrate for peace and against violence. This government, which I have the privilege of chairing with my friend Shimon Peres, has decided to give peace a chance - a peace that will solve most of Israel's problems. ... The path of peace is preferable to the path of war. I tell you this as someone who has been a military man for 27 years." [wikipedia]

So we are still faced with the mountain of problems, with the gloomy vision of the future, that the violence in the Middle East will not stop until everyone has killed each other. It is time to develop peace visions again, even if they may be ridiculed as unrealistic. What would be against a Jordan Union, which other states in the region could then join in time, with Jerusalem as the common federal capital? Hence this demand:

Create the Jordan Union as the heartland of a just and lasting peace and make Jerusalem the capital of peace!

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