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CREATE an INTERNATIONAL Umbrella Cycling Safety Organisation !

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Sir ,

With your recent installation as Head of the IOC , it is TIME that the SAFETY on the ROADS , of ALL your Athletes , be addressed .


Over the years , the media has reported the LOSS and Injury , of so MANY Internationally and National recognised Olympic Medalists ! So many different Sports use Cycling for Cross Training that it is necessary for the IOC and IPC to take the iniatitive . Whilst it may be necessary to delegate the working framework to the UCI , it will NEED the IOC & IPC working with the Media , to cause the Everyday Motorist , to understand , that this WAR on the roads that appears to exist on the English Speaking Communities' Roads , CANNOT Continue !

Politicians will listen to the IOC & IPC , but , at present , fear the Motoring Lobbies! Do they wait until Voters , reach a point that the LOSSES are so VISIBLE , as they have been this past week in Australia & London , that they fear the backlash at the polls ? 

AS the Head of the IOC , you have the World's Attention . EACH Child aspires to be an Olympian , so much of the Youth practices Sport , Adults attempt to emulate their Sporting Idols and those that are no longer fit enough to compete or practice , read about the Exploits of those that the Media elevates .


TODAY CYCLISTS of the WORLD , need your intervention ! I need your support , because , i should be out on the ROADS knowing that ALL Drivers , Everywhere , are looking out for MY SAFETY ! 

Universal 1 1/2M safe passing LAWS , can help , STRICT Liability Laws will HELP, but UNTIL Vehicle ( even those owning bikes ) Operators change their behaviour towards Cyclists on the Roads , Politicians will ignore the individual discomfort .

Campaigns such as " Amy Gillett ( Aus Olympic Rower ) Foundation ", " Cities fit for Cycling ( The Times of London ) ", even Italian version of " Cities etc ", help get the message across , drip by drip .


IOC & IPC telling Media of a " Code of Conduct " , imposed and accepted by the Worldwide Athletic Community , of " saluting " GOOD & Careful Driving , will cause People to SEE and Adopt " Changed Behaviours " .


WADA & UCI , both are on NEW Paths due to changes of Leadership , have the ability to help YOU in getting the message across to the WORLDWIDE Audience .

CYCLISTS are your FAMILY , Mother & Father , Sister & Brother , Children & Grandparents , TREAT them as YOU WISH to be TREATED !




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