Investigate Dr. Kim Arredondo, Psychologist - Corruption in Brazos County Family Court

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Petition for formal investigation of
Dr. Kim Arredondo, Psychologist (Lic.#32759)

We, the undersigned to this petition wish to make public our grave concerns about one of the TSBEP (Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychology) licensees, Dr. Kim Arredondo (Lic.# 32759) and her company Brazos Valley Psychological Services, P.A.
Many of Dr. Kim Arredondo's court assigned clients have publicly and legally complained that Dr. Kim Arredondo intentionally conducted deeply-flawed forensic
custody and psychological evaluations for family courts that have irreparably harmed parents, children, families and friends. We are saddened that we must take these actions today. However, in doing so, we hope to prevent this tragedy from happening to other members of the public who are court-ordered to obtain social study, custody evaluation reports and psychological evaluations by Dr. Kim Arredondo.

We urge you to take this petition and our individual complaints about Dr. Kim Arredondo and the employees at Brazos Valley Psychological Services P.A. seriously, investigate her actions thoroughly and provide us petitioners with your plan of action.

As a critical component of the family law system, we ask that this Board consider taking the following actions listed below, among others, to remedy troubling issues pertaining to abhorrent misconduct in forensic evaluations and implement long-overdue reforms. It is incumbent upon the Board to uphold its professional integrity by strengthening its policies pertaining to forensic evaluations conducted by its licensees, and enforcing those rules rigorously by identifying, investigating and disciplining unethical practitioners.

Thus, we ask that the board instill additional oversight and provide clear direction to
forensic psychologists involved in family court cases. Taking these and other steps will prevent needless devastation to Texas children and their families. Additionally, it will better inform the court as to the best interests of the children, which is the clear mandate in these cases.

To not properly address this important issue would be negligent upon the Board. It may place the public, especially one of its most vulnerable populations, our children at further risk of irreparable damage and may further erode the public’s faith in the psychological profession.

As a result of the damaging effects that Dr. Kim Arredondo's misconduct has had on us as parents and our children’s lives, we request that the Board conduct a comprehensive review of its policies and rules regarding forensic evaluations. Due to the critical and extensive nature of the problems discussed herein, we request that the Board create a committee to conduct such a review, and have among its members at least two (2) parents to represent the public’s perspective.

Below are Reference videos from Emmy Award Winning Investigative Reporter Wayne Dolcefino and local KBTX investigative reporter Rusty Surrette who have discovered that Dr. Kim Arredondo has collaborated for years with local judges and attorneys in Brazos County Family Court using her false social study and custody evaluation reports as the main evidence in deciding the outcome of child custody cases.  

Alyssa Karsagi is a divorced Jewish mom and the latest victim who recently had her parental rights taken away due to Dr. Kim Arredondo’s deeply flawed custody evaluation report being used as the main evidence in her judgement.  Little other evidence or testimony by Alyssa Karsagi and her attorneys was allowed in her jury trial for custody of her children and some witnesses and evidence were excluded entirely.

Below are videos from Emmy Award Winning Investigative Reporter Wayne Dolcefino and Local TV CBS News Station KBTX in Bryan - College Station, Texas documenting how Dr. Kim Arredondo colludes with local Judges and Family Law Attorneys with her falsified social study and custody evaluation reports to destroy the lives of parents and children in the Family Law court system in Brazos County, TX.
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