I oppose Edmonton's immediate moratorium on raves


I oppose Edmonton's immediate moratorium on raves

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a temporary prohibition of an activity.

Edmonton city councilors are looking at placing a moratorium on raves in established venues because of the burden created by emergency medical services.

At Indigo Harm Reduction Services we not only provide substance testing services, we provide safe havens at all our events. We have designated areas to provide safety to all patrons and that includes possible sexual assault victims. If the City of Edmonton does not want to be "party poopers" we ask them to join the anti-stigma fight with us and hire the services like ours, that are devoted to creating a safe partying environment for every single person in the City of Edmonton .

Coun. Scott McKeen you have asked for the community to come up with a solution and we have. Our organization has received a grant from the Government of Alberta for the specific purpose of reducing the burden of emergency services and to create a bridge for harm reduction services. We will feel the moratorium at this time, will push people into the underground rave market and will further increase these numbers in overdoses and sexual assaults. This will make Indigo's job harder to create the platform we need to further support venues and establishments.

The question we ask to council is this. Do you want to have organizational controls that can reduce the number of sexual assaults or do you want to continue the current path of no regulations. That is the truth before this council. In my honest opinion as a professional in my industry, this is not in the best interests of the City of Edmonton or anywhere else in the country.

The issue at hand seems to be the use of emergency services, and we can easily decrease these numbers by addressing these issues and preventing them. Not only can we provide a safer environment for patrons, we can reduce the amount of tax dollars spent on unnecessary emergency services.

We ask you all to sign this petition to show your support to stop this moratorium that could potentially put more lives at risk and ultimately hurt the City of Edmonton's ever growing nightlife and the spending of unnecessary tax dollars.  

Thank you all!

Indigo Harm Reduction Services Ltd.


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