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End Immigration Canada's age discrimination against Annette Stock & Lisa-Marie Morgan

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Campaign to end Immigration Canada's (CIC) age discrimination against Annette Stock and Lisa-Marie Morgan

We are submitting this petition after a failed application for Express Entry to BC, Canada. CIC's streamlined application system requires you to take an eligibility test prior to applying online. If you pass their age, education, language and skills test, you can then apply online.

In April 2016 Annette applied despite failing the eligibility test. Since the eligibility test does not identify specific sections of failure, we applied in the hope that the online application offered a broader request for information relating to our skills, but primarily Annette's skills as the primary applicant. It did not.

Annette is 54, I (Lisa-Marie) am 49.

Annette's online application was rejected and two areas of 'improvement' were cited prior to any further applications, firstly AGE and secondly EDUCATION.

We are both retired Police Officers from London's (UK) Metropolitan Police. Annette was an experienced English butcher (meat cutter) prior to joining the Police but it was a skill she continued to work in even after joining the Police. The NOC list lists meat cutters as a 'needed' skill on the Immigration skills list (Code B). Annette attained Secondary School education and further qualifications in this trade are not required. The profession is taught on the job so to speak, and Job advertisements for meat cutters generally do not require education levels passed High School level.

 Sadly the application for Express Entry did not cater for our extensive skills as Police Officers. It did not cater for our home based business in the last two years making and selling jams and pickles and market garden produce.

Having failed our application, we wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau, the Minister of Immigration, Mr Hussen, and the Head of the IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board), Mr Mario Dion. Not one of them responded to our letters.

We have been coming to Clearwater BC for 14 years, for the last three years on a longer basis. We have been welcomed with open arms into the community. We have formed lifelong friendships and consider many friends as 'family'. We want to work and live within this rural community. We already receive a combined fixed monthly income from our pension of about $5000. A year ago a Border Control Office informed us that Canada did not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age! When we suggested otherwise based on the reasons given for Annette's failure to qualify for consideration, he stated this was because we hadn't paid into the health system in Canada. I would suggest that if this is the case, maybe the Government should insist that older applicants make a higher contribution to medical insurance.

 Just as importantly we have skills to contribute to the community.

 Today, we submitted another eligibility test in Annette's name – she did not meet the criteria required.

So through the CIC online application, we made one final application, or we should say we attempted to. We tried to apply under the Business Visa through the self employed portal. To our disgust, the website that clearly states that you do not need a lawyer to apply for their visas, re-directed us to a UK based company – Skillclear – who are a firm of lawyers. There was no online application through CIC. Skillclear, within minutes of our submission, re-directed us to a Canadian Immigration company called Gateway Pacific. Their 1st hour consultation fee was $275. All we want to do is submit an application for consideration for a self employed business visa!

We will spend not a penny more on lawyers who grab your money, make false promises and demand more money to proceed with an application.

We have paid hundreds of pounds to take the required English examination (IELTS) and paid for criminal history reports.

A lawyer cannot change our ages, and CIC have clearly already discriminated against us on the basis of age.

We are not submitting this petition to be given blanket resident status. We are doing so to a) highlight and hopefully stop Immigration Canada's discrimination against applicants such as us on the basis of age and b) to request meaningful conversation with an actual Immigration official, either here in Canada or in the UK; so that we may present our case to an actual human being.

Please support our petition.

Whilst we appreciate positive feedback, and negative if you don't agree, we only ask that this petition does NOT turn into a 'refugee bashing' platform. After all, we are still British and Immigration is part of our very make up!

 Thank you for taking the time to read this.

 Annette Stock and Lisa-Marie Morgan

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