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Revive Nosgoth

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Dear Square-Enix-Team,

I think that Nosgoth was the best game I have ever played and I guess I am not the only who is thinking this way.
A lot of people are missing this master piece you have created and I really regret that you (Square-Enix) closed this awesome game!
It was like a fresh breeze in the gaming scene...something really special which no one else created before! You really gave away a lot of potential by closing Nosgoth that is for sure!
The gameplay was amazing:
-the motion control was incredible (especially as a vampire)
-the diversity of the different classes is a great idea (something suitable for everyone)
-the to parties who are fighting against each other
-and a lot more things as well . . .

I think it is time to give NOSGOTH a second chance!!!
By the way nearly all of my friends played Nosgoth and we had a lot of fun playing this master piece! it was the first game all of us played together and everyone loved it!
A lot of people loved this game and STILL LOVE it!

I hope that you are going to see what Nosgoth really was and that you are bringing the game back soon!

If you Square-Enix do not want to revive it, please give us the opportunity to host our own servers and play the game!

We would even scrape some money to make it possible! I think the main problem was that the game was too unpopular.

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