Grand Theft Auto Online - Engine Limit Flag Petition (Remove it or add it to all cars)

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Every car of the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series DLC and the After Hours DLC, have something called "Engine Resistance Flag" and "Advanced Flag" that makes cars slower and bumpy, you should watch some YouTube Videos or inform yourself about it, in forums like Reddit or GTAForums etc. if you don't know about these flags. The reason to add these flags was to prevent "Curb Boosting" in races, or to make them handle more realistic, Rockstar Games never mentioned the reason, why they added them, in the first place. But it effects the cars very negatively, some of them are "undriveable". And 99% of the cars are not fun to drive at all. It's a shame because there are some real beauties in these DLC's.

It's not only about the removal, they could also add it it to all cars instead. The way it is now, is only a half "solution". Every car that has been released before the SSASSS DLC, still has a normal handling, this way only the newer cars are "useless". That means there is no consistency/contiunity at all. So they should either remove it from all cars, or add it to all cars. The way it is now can't be the final solution to this. So please sign this Petition if you want that Rockstar Games does at least something about it. One way or another, it doesn't matter at this point anymore.

Please consider signing this Petition. It will probably doesn't change anything, but at least we tried it.


Here are some links to YouTube Videos that show, what is meant.

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Testing Recent GTA Online Cars Without Advanced Handling Flags

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Thanks for all your Videos that you produce and upload for free, in your free time, thanks for all the work you put into them.


And a link to the GTAForums where this Petition is discussed. There is also a Poll about the Flags.

Grand Theft Auto Online - Engine Limit Flag Petition (Remove it or add it to all cars)