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Stop the high rentals in Ibiza for working people!

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It's time for a change!

The situation of renting flats or houses on Ibiza has become unbearable. Incredibly high rents – and no legal limits! Anybody can ask any price – or raise the rent as high as he or she wants. Within the last month, many rents have simply doubled.
On Facebook you find examples like «share one room for 350 euros». Even refurbished stables, with no proper electricity or sewage system, are on offer – and rented for more than 1500 euros.
Ibiza has become a pure top-class destination. But the normal people who assure that the island economy works and who keep everything in order, cannot afford to live here any longer.
The salaries are low, even singles struggle. But as soon as you have kids you can’t afford living here any more, if the rising rents are not controlled.
The biggest problem on Ibiza are the renting contracts (contrato de arrendamiento)! After 3 years the owner can increase the rent as high as he likes. Jus as an example a real case: the rent went from 850 to 1500 euros.
For this reason lots of singles and – even worse – families can’t afford the rent any more. They have to move out and try and find something cheaper – which is practically impossible.
This is the biggest problem on Ibiza! We urgently need a legally controlled rent price scheme – like many other countries have. A legal limit of the rent as well as a legal limit of putting the rent up.
If Ibiza doesn’t implement this, lots of people will have to leave the island. And Ibiza will turn into a luxury destination with no creative charm, no infrastructure, no services, no shops, no schools, bad medical service and bad security service…

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