Xiaomi Mi A1 user complaint

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Hello, Dear representatives of the Google company.

We are participants, all of known English-language (XDA), and Russian-speaking (4PDA) - forums. In this petition, yours faithfully - we want to address you, as the company which creates revolution in the world of technologies and also - in the world the android of devices.

Already there are a lot of years, we are multimillion public (apart from the others, out of forums - ordinary users) we are users, and admirers of Android OS. For this not so small way - we, have replaced many devices on base the android, with the purpose to be always with the relevant device, and the freshest security updates. And also, always be in touch, with the latest technologies - which so successfully provides, your company from year to year. And what is much important, you consider requirements - different segments of the population and countries. For what to you - huge respect and trust. Having heard about the Android One program, millions of participants of our communities (and also a huge number ordinary users) - have bought for themselves devices from the Xiaomi company, Mi A1 series. All of us, as well as simple users - dreamed of the available device on the basis of AOSP - therefore undoubtedly, have bought these phones.

Mi A1 - phone which is a part of the Android One program in which obligations, it is specified - fast and relevant updates of an operating system and also (that is much important) timely patches of safety - about what you and so know. But, using this phone (Mi A1), to all of us, there is an impression not the most positive about the Google company which in principle - releases all most relevant updates on our device and finally – we (Mi A1) don't receive them and to it there are many confirmations:

1) Patches of safety are issued in the middle or practically at the end of the relevant month. Or in general - are late for a month.

2) Lack of full translation of menu items, there are phrases at English (Russian and Ukrainian is relevant for a huge number of users-.)

3) As to representatives of community a beta tester from Russia and also Ukraine - lack of current versions the android for testing.


We could list for a long time, but there will be enough these three points that you, have paid attention to problems. And not a secret that Xiaomi "to adapt" an insertion to let out her - for Mi A1 though in open sources, it isn't mentioned anywhere.

Operations of Xiaomi, the unwillingness to be engaged in support of the clients - cast a shadow on the Google company which has proved as the best.

We demand to understand in this situation as in practice - all not as it was promised.

If you read this letter, we ask to consider some wishes concerning the Xiaomi company:

1) To make available support of Project Treble for our device (which is for other devices of the Android One program) that also we could receive Android 9

2) Add to the system Mi A1 resources - Camera2api (as it is realized, on Nokia, device Android One program) with the next updating or a patch of safety.

3) Release of patches of safety in time, without delays.


Thanks a lot, we look forward to hearing from you with impatience.

Sincerely yours, Russian-speaking and Ukrainians-speaking - community of beta testers.