FIFA! Ban Iran for discriminating against women!

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Gianni Infantino and other members of FIFA Council,

Iran is discriminating against women by preventing them from entering football stadiums during football matches. Recently this has led to the death of Sahar Khodayari, a 29 year old Iranian woman who set herself on fire in September 2nd, 2019 after being arrested for trying to enter Tehran's Azadi Stadium. In the wake of this event, we are asking FIFA Council for expulsion of Iran from FIFA (see more & read more).

Iranian women are subject to discrimination in various aspects of life such as employment, education, art, compulsory hijab /clothing, being banned from having a seat at the soccer stadium and other spheres of personal, social and political rights.

By signing this letter we are are asking FIFA Council for expulsion of Iran for discriminating against Iranian women unless Iran solves the issue by removing these discriminations:

  • All Iranian women should be able to enter the stadium, not just a selected group (Iranian government has gone around FIFA by selling tickets to selected “known” groups in the past).
  • Women should be allowed to sit anywhere in the stadium together with their families and friends. They should not be limited to sitting in a segregated section for women.
  • There should be no dress code for entering the stadium. No woman should be banned from entering a stadium because of improper clothing.