Raise your voice for Dehing Patkai(দিহিং পাটকাই আমাৰ-আমিয়েই দিহিং পাটকাইৰ)

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The largest rainforest of Assam, Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is known as the "Amazon of the East.It's pristine beauty and virgin forestland with vast biodiversity adds to it's speciality. 

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Dibrugarh and Tinsukia Districts of Assam and covers an area of 111.19 km2  rainforest.It is part of the Assam valley tropical wet evergreen forest and consists of three parts: Jeypore, upper Dihing River and Dirok rainforest. It was declared a sanctuary on 13 June 2004. This sanctuary is also a part of Dehing-Patkai Elephant Reserve. The rainforest stretches for more than 575 km2 in the districts of Dibrugarh, Tinsukia and Sivasagar. A part of the forest was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by the Government of Assam, while another part falls under the Dibru-Deomali Elephant Reserve. The forest further spreads over in the Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh. The Dehing Patkai forms the largest stretch of tropical lowland rainforests in India.

Amidst the Corona pandemic in the month of April, the National Board for Wildlife has recommended coal mining in a part of an Dehing Patkai elephant reserve in Assam. This gives the green signal to a proposal recommending usage of 98.59 hectares of land belonging to the Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve for extraction of coal by Coal India Limited.  

As the issue of climate change and deforestation is hot topic of the debate and preservation of which only can save mankind, the decision has greatly threatened Dehing Patkai. The coal extraction will have catastrophic consequence for the entire ecosystem of the region.

Deforestation, cutting down of trees will definitely lead to biodiversity loss of the place, which will endanger the species living there. Animals will also suffer due to habitat loss which will probably lead to increased men-animal conflicts. It is known as elephant reserve, and men-elephant conflict is an issue for decades now in Assam.

Moreover it will affect the climate; the place will lose its essence as a wildlife sanctuary. Also, endangered species will face a threat of extinction. The Dehing Patkai Forest is one of the most important forest of Assam in terms of orchid diversity. Therefore, the issue needs to be solved by saving environmental breakdown before it’s too late.

It's high time to raise our voice for Dehing patkai and awake the people and protest against the decision to save "Dehing Patkai".

Urge to the decision makers to stop coal extraction in "Dehing Patkai" .