An open letter to gamigo from a long-time RIFT player

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Dear gamigo,

The recent news about the aquisition of Trion Worlds and the massive layoffs let us all in shock, being uncertain about the future of our beloved game. Most of the devs who interacted with the community in the past are now gone and we don't know what awaits us going forward. Of course, the news are fresh and the transition has just begun, but I want to share my thoughts, hopes and fears with you already at this early stage.

I think the three main concerns of our community are the following:

1. Monetization
In the last 7 years, RIFT had multiple different attempts on this part, starting as a P2P game with a mandatory subscription in 2011, going F2P in 2013, trying a B2P expansionin 2016 and going back to F2P in early 2017. Those many transitions were confusing and hit the player numbers hard after a while, together with some borderline P2W elements and RNG lockboxes. This year, they finally went away from the lockbox model and started to remove credit price tags from the store under the statement "money shouldn't replace gameplay". I think most of the community agrees with this statement and we hope that you go on with this direction.

2. Active Development / Content Updates
RIFT didn't receive major content updates for the last 12 months and we are all desperately waiting for new dungeons, raids and zones to explore. There were multiple new features in the works, such as "Planar Deciples & Planar Dungeons", "Cantrips", "Tenebrean Trouble Puzzle Dungeon" and rumors about a brand new raid. Probably there was more in the works that wasn't announced yet. Now that the devs who worked on these projects are gone, will we ever see these features? Will you put in the developers to actively develop new content and possibly a new expansion? RIFT is a themepark MMO, so putting it on maintenance mode would massively hit the playerbase and reduce the willingness to spend money on the game at all. We hope you see the massive potential in this AAA MMORPG and bring it back to the glory days - or at least in that direction.

3. Communication
I put this one third, but it might actually be the most important one. Right now, we are all shocked and afraid of the future of the game. Please share your plans with us regarding RIFT. Don't assume for yourself, just ask -US- what we want for the game. We are your customers and we are willing to spend money - if you evolve the game into the direction we anticipate. We hope to see a dedicated community manager soon, who actively engages in discussions, collects feedback and understands our needs and desires. We also have a Discord server ( where you are welcome to join and talk to us on a short line.

We hope to see any official announcements from you soon and we hope you see the same potential in this unique and beautiful game that we see.

Thank you very much and all the best with your new portfolio.