30th anniversary Mortal Kombat Kollection

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Every Mortal Kombat Fan around the World wish that there will be a Mortal Kombat 30th anniversery Edition Release in 2022. The mortal kombat series happens it 30th anniversary there.

In the Kollection would be nice to found games from MK1 to MK Armageddon on actual console Release...

This Petition is for Ed Boon, the Neatherrealm Studios and Warner Bros Games to show them up how much people around the World would like to give them some f*ckin Money for that awesome peace of Beat em up history. 

MK11 is the last Part of the series for a while? The Fans say NO... Mortal Kombat have to make a return for a Big Birthday Kollection in the year 2022!


It's time to Show them, to say them give US that shit or we finish you! :) (joke to the last!)