Americans Want Labeled Beef

Please support the clear and transparent labeling of USA born, raised and harvested beef.  Getting this definition attached to the phrase “Product of the USA” is your only assurance that the beef you purchase was solely raised in the United States of America.

In 2015, the definitions for country of origin labeling were repealed on beef, leaving the consumer unable to determine where the beef they are purchasing comes from.  Consumers can only make wise choices if provided the information they need to make those choices.

Our group asks that only beef that has been born, raised and harvested in the United States be labeled U.S.A. Beef .  Currently there are no clear definitions of what constitutes U.S.A. Beef.  Any cattle or beef that is imported into the U.S.A. can be labeled "processed in the U.S.A." or "Product of U.S.A." and stamped with the USDA shield for grading.  This is highly misleading to the consumer. 

Clear, Transparent, Defined labeling fulfills:

1.      Consumers desire for transparency and freedom of choice in the foods they purchase.

2.      United States Cattle Producers and Cattle feeders need to have the ability to differentiate and promote their product as US Beef.

3.      Truthful country of origin labeling would increase the ability  of consumers and retailers to recognize products that have been recalled.

4.      The ability of consumers to be aware that there may be different feed, veterinary practices or husbandry practices used in raising imported beef or cattle. Currently any beef that is legally imported into the U.S. and is processed here, immediately becomes a product of the U.S.” This rule applies to National sales or International sales.

5.      Ability of consumers and retailers to make choices when emerging zoonotic diseases come to light. 

6.      To help trace product in the case of any bio-security issues involving herd health, such as Foot and Mouth Disease.

7.      Prevent U.S. jobs from being outsourced.  Imports of beef and cattle can reduce U.S. ranch and feedlot jobs. Just as Americans don't want U.S. factories being moved overseas and finished products being sent back, why would we send agriculture jobs out of country?

8.      Allows consumers to make choices were it is believed that forced or slave labor is used in the production of beef from foreign countries. 

9.      U.S. beef production has one of the world’s lowest carbon foot prints.  Clear and transparent labeling allows consumers to make choices to support the environment.

Please support the clear and transparent labeling of USA born, raised and slaughtered beef. 

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