Financing of research activity

Financing of research activity

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Александр Филшер создал(а) эту петицию, адресованную Investors и

                When at local level have noticed that I behave openly , I do not hesitate of the orientation me have caused in the Tambov Municipal duma and have told that financing to me will curtail, if I is and to advertise the orientation further. To me the assistant to the mayor has told that pursue science средне is better, but do not advertise the orientation, than on the contrary as she has declared me that a city at us small, all the friend About the friend know, and simply certain forces will publish article "the Mayor sponsored the gay" that will cause a negative resonance in clerical circles.


                  As a result I have refused to obey and city-manager of a city of Tambov of Kosenkova M. Ju have planted for "abduction" of the partner in private life that in itself a nonsense, and me financing have stopped, having told that yours The science "has left to Europe". But Russian, for example, sportsmen showed many and won not one gold medal on gay games in Cologne. Unfortunately, I am a victim of discrimination. It was shown in many aspects: the reason in one, it is unacceptable me To hide the orientation, and to advertise to me those interfered or others Forces hostile to gays. For example, on резултатам the excellent termination of a physical and mathematical class Versatile economic-mathematical Lycée number the Medal has been handed over 6 me (Gold) and Thankful from the mayor of Tambov V.N.Koval. Then there was successful, with the Red diploma a termination of Business college and Mathematics institute.

                   On so-called private continuity of the power when there has come the moment My definition in life, and I among the key have designated for myself compulsion Scientific изыскательства, me the mayor of Tambov - the successor of mayor Koval - which There was Ilin A.J. the decision of the Municipal duma on financing of my training has been signed In the Magistracy for the purpose of occurrence in the world of the big science (I was the participant and the Olympic Games, and now I see that some results from them have been sharply underestimated because of misunderstanding checking methods Decisions, and on another I also received memorable prizes: the Olympic Games on Russian, a victory in the interschool Competition on Economy where I have headed a command as the captain, a victory in economic game already In Business-college where I also was the leader of the command.

             On the mathematician I solved some problems. Thanks to the  Intuitive extrasensory  to abilities about what I began to understand from transfer "Fight of psychics". Itself I plan to take part in this game at a good financial position, but also so in three last Fights those participants whom I and wanted to see among winners and one winner from Iran from have won Still early fight).

      If you wish, you can also provide, directly, financial assistance to me, in the possible amount of money for you:
    Мои банковские реквизиты: // My bank details: ОАО «Промсвязьбанк» -          наименование банка: ОАО «Промсвязьбанк» г.Москва,

     к/с 30101810400000000555 в ОПЕРУ Московского ГТУ Банка России БИК 044525555,

           ИНН 7744000912

    Счет получателя: 40817810551003386278

         Получатель: Филшер Александр Борисович

          Назначение платежа: пополнение счета

               Приложение: банковские реквизиты, ещё одного Банка: СберБанка России,- 1 файл, по существу заявленного {и копия данного Письма}

     { Или Вы можете положить деньги на какой-то специальный счет того или иного банковского учреждения, сообщив мне и Банку об этом: о поступлении денежных средств [соответствующим образом]}

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