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HIV/AIDS: Prevention is a must

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HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) can be different to each other... but they are both infectious and incurable.

HIV is the most starting phase, which can be acquired through unprotected sex to an infected person. It may also spread through sharing drug needles or in contact with the blood of an infected person. The most severe of it, women can pass it to their offspring. It damages the cells that protect the immune system and invite opportunistic infections that we simply called Cancers. The symptoms of this disease are swollen glands and flu-like symptom, that some of us will just ignore or drink medicine for quick cure. Severe symptoms will take action to our bodies after months or years later.

AIDS in the other hand, is related to HIV since its the most severe last phase of it. People with this kind of infection have severe damaged immune systems that thoroughly invite the most destructive infections through out our body.

Once you have HIV, even with treatment... you'll have it for life

Yes there is a treatment, but prevention is better than cure.

These are the things you can do to prevent HIV/AIDS from spreading:

        1) Have a blood test ( if you have a partner, let them take the test as well for safety ), this will let you know if you have HIV. Check-ups should be done regularly in order to monitor your health.

        2) Refrain from having unprotected sex. The only contraceptive that can prevent it from spreading when having sex is Condoms ( if used properly )

        3)If you are using drug needles, sterilize them. Disposable drug needles will be much safer so that you can't share with other people once you have used it.



We all know that treatments are kind of costly.

 According to Our World in Data:

        The 1990s saw a substantial increase in the number of people infected with HIV and dying of AIDS. In 1997, almost 3.5 million people were diagnosed with HIV per year. After 1997, the number of new diagnoses began to decline and in 2015 it was reduced to 2.1 million per year.

       The number of AIDS-related deaths increased throughout the 1990s and reached a peak in 2004, 2005 when in both years 2 million people died. Since then the annual number of deaths from AIDS declined as well and a decade later it was almost halved when 1.1 million people died in 2015.

      The chart also shows the continuing increase in the number of people living with HIV. The rate of increase has slowed down compared to the 1990s but the absolute number reached a peak in 2015 when 36.7 million people were living with HIV globally.

Even if it lessens, still the number is larger and we don't want many people to die.

We, the undersigned citizens, want everyone to take the stand and prevent HIV from spreading and infecting everyone of us. We request everyone not to ignore the numbers of people that is infected and can be infected in the future. We all state the only truth with the above researches. We ask for your support and I hope you'll spread our care for every citizen in the world.

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