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Help Romani People in Bulgaria

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Romani people are the to the majority of you probably rather known under the slur "Gypsy", we have been through slavery and genocide and even currently we are being segregated in schools and housing, are refused the access to clean water, are being forcefully evicted and much, much more. Romani have literally been deemed "The Most Hated People in Europe" and we need help.

Bulgaria just appointed a facist and neo-Nazi, Valeri Simeonov (who is also Deputy Prime Minister), to lead their council on how to “deal” with the Romani people in Bulgaria

Valeri Simeonov talked about creating modern concentration camps, and in 2016, when speaking of Bulgaria’s Roma minority, he told the parliament: “They [Romani] are brazen, feral, human-like creatures that demand pay without work, and collect sickness benefits without being sick. They receive child benefits for children that play with pigs on the street, and for women that have the instincts of stray dogs.” His party has literally called for the demolition of “Gypsy ghettos” and for Roma to be instead isolated in closed reservations [Human Zoos] that could “generate income as tourist attractions."

Asides from this Ilian Todorov from the far-right ATAKA party (a party that is ultranationalist, racist, especially antisemitic and anti-Roma, xenophobic, anti-Muslim and anti-Turkish) is now Bulgaria, Sofia’s regional governor

The opposition party, Yes Bulgaria, warned that this “toxic national-populism” can only divide society and “heighten the risk of stirring up ethnic enmity” when we have already long gone past the “risk” stage as proven by recent submissions of the European Roma Rights Center and the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee – Both reports detail recent violent events which include mass attempts to storm Roma neighbourhoods, an increase in hate speech, failures by the authorities to deal properly with racially motivated hate crime, as well as incidents such as the brutal assault in April by police of a Romani father and son outside the village of Bohot in Pleven province. The son sustained serious injuries, but his father died at the scene of this assault. The authorities justified the police action by claiming that the men were found in possession of stolen pesticides and had resisted arrest. There have been multiple Anti-Roma marches in Bulgaria as well.

Valeri Simeonov and Ilian Todorov need to be removed from their position of power. Please, sign this petition to spread awareness and help our voices be heard.

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