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Please don't forget Classic!

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Many authors and readers were talking, and we are really scared that episode may remove classic from the app.

There are a lot of people that love Classic, some can't even work or read ink. What we as readers and authors ask from episode is not to force episode to do something, but to get their attention and to maybe make them think about our suggestions. And our suggestions are:

  • Create a classic shelf in the app, so classic won't be forgot and for those who prefer classic to be able to find a classic story easily.
  • Maybe you could use the original top colors to the pink maternity one. Like that authors would have more choices for the pregnancy wardrobe in classic. Or at least the black or white version of it.
  • Finally, we would love if you could release the hidden items for classic, we understand classic won't be updated anymore, but maybe you could at least work on the hidden items and release them to all the classic authors? A big last update with all those wonderful items.

The idea is not to pressure you with this petition, we just want a bit of attention to this amazing style that is being forgotten , and so many people love and are scared to lose. Thank you in advance.

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