Fortnite South African servers

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This petition serves as a way to reach out to the gods of Epic Games, creator of Fortnite, a game played by millions worldwide...even in Africa.

Us Africans are also gamers, and we also love to get every inch of the best experience possible, however, it is quite difficult to enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale when we play with high latency of 190 ping.

I, along with the rest of my African comrades can only become saddened when the game stops moving simply due to constant connection timeouts and extreme lag.

Just 3 months ago Amazon finally implemented their first batch of servers in South Africa, being the only Amazon servers on the entire continent of Africa. (

This is great news, inspiring the many of us Fortnite players to finally look forward to a fair playing experience. The avenue to implement a better experience for us has finally arrived!

We can only hope that Epic Games hears our call. 180-260ms is the standard here across the country, and the Central/Southern Africa region depending on how close you stay to the cable connecting South Africa to EU.

I think I speak on the behalf of all Africans that we are tired of getting red hit markers without any damage, dying behind cover, delays with the inventory system, building etc.

With this, we make a request for South African servers to be implemented for Fortnite. There are more Africans playing Fortnite Battle Royale than you may think. WE ARE ALSO GAMERS!