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Petition dem Weißen Haus überreicht

Matthias Böhringer
Pfaffenhofen, Germany

Sep 28, 2016 — Hallo,

Ich habe im Kontaktformular des Weißen Hauses die Petition an Präsident Obama übergeben.

Hello Mr President,
I ask you for self-determination of Arabia. The USA should exit the area with the CIA.
Thinking on the operation Ajax 1953, the crime friendship with Qatar for a gaspipeline through Syria, support of violent Islamic jihadism with the aim of insurgency to making Assad paranoid, the USA are with you, the former hope for peace, the greates terrorist in the world. I say shame on Obama and the USA, they did it again!
See my petition

By the way, the world need people like Edward Snowden. If the wars, conflicts and terror acts are selfmade by the USA, no one need programs like XKEYscore and prism. Snowden is a honest man.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Matthias Böhringer


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