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Stop animal suffering on Karpathos

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Karpathos is a beautiful Greek island.
But animals on Karpathos are mistreated. Many dogs have no protection against the sun, little food, little or no water, living alone on short chains somewhere in the mountains, are tortured and disposed of in the trash ...
I saw it with my own eyes.

We love the island and we love animals.
We call on the mayor to punish animal abusers.
We need help from the police when animal cruelty is displayed.
We call for financial support for animal welfare.
A place for stray animals.
Neutering programs for dogs and cats.

An island that is their animals protects visited by tourists happy.
Tourists do not want to see tortured animals.
Tourists do not want to walk and see the many lonely dogs on chains.
A pet-friendly Karpathos would be a great opportunity for tourism.
For a pet-friendly Karpathos I would like to advertise.

Please help...


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