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Electronic Arts, We (the gamers) want a new ROAD RASH game, based on principles of RR(Sega, 3DO and PS1)

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This is important because a great game series can't be forgotten. Gamers of the world remember this game and new gamers need to know this great title. This is a very entertaining game, that must have a continue. The Electronic Arts company will make a profit with this game product and the gamers get a cool game. There is no other game like Road Rash. We asking the help of Trip Hawkins (the founder of Electronic Arts) and his company Digital Chocolate in resolving this problem with the Road Rash.

If Electronic Arts don't want to develop a new Road Rash, then please, sell the Road Rash trademark and copyrights to Dan Geisler (co-designer of Road Rash) and his company 5X Enterprises LLC.

With modern technologies this game could be more awesome than before! But Road Rash style must be kept with new features, more races/tracks, different weather, rocky sound, video clips and more, race results where AI opponents tell you what they thought about your race, different weapons, funny pedestrians/animals on the road and more. No open world, just many tracks in different countries and weather conditions (rain, tornado, snow, storm, sunshine, forest, city and etc.)

Also, it would be great if ALL parts of Road Rash series will be available at Steam, PSN, XBox Live game services.

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