Make Battlefield V servers in Russia or CIS region

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Since the release of Battlefield 1 and Rental Servers Program made by DICE and Electronic Arts for Battlefield 1, there was a significant problem for the majority of players, who has extremely far location from the servers location.


Russia and other parts of CIS Region is a good example of that issue. More than a half of players in that huge player community experiencing connectivity issues and high pings. For an example - players from Ural region in Russia can expect only 75-110 usual ping rate in EU servers, players from Far East have about 150 and up to 200.


This is one of the reasons why people are abandoning Battlefield or forced to play without their online friends.


The absence of the servers during Battlefield 1 lifetime and RSP program was a big pain for Russia/CIS region. If Battlefield V will have the same problem - community will go away from Battlefield.


So, please, make RU/CIS servers a real thing!

Sign the petition and make it one step closer!