Give Ole Gunnar Solskjær the job as the headcoach of Manchester United

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On the 19th of December, Ole Gunnar Solskjær was appointed as the Interim-Manager of Manchester United. Since then, Manchester United are unbeaten in the Premier League, they won eight consecutive away games, they have beaten Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea, they are through to the FA Cup quarter finals and, most importantly, the team plays like a real Man Utd side again!

Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, we had three terrible Managers, who had no idea about the club. They spent hundreds of Millions for players who, mostly, underperformed. Under van Gaal and Mourinho, the team was forced to play a more defensive style of football, which was a disaster to watch. Ole however has brought back the 'Ferguson way of football': the players are performing well and feel happy. Furthermore, Ole knows what it's like to have the Manchester United batch on your breast.

I have been a Manchester United fan for most of my life (since I am 5 years old). Since Sir Alex departured, I have never felt so happy about the club since last December. I also believe that, if Manchester United want to get back to where they once were, Ole Gunnar would be the best Manager. However, the board of executives of Manchester United are hesitating over whether or not they should appoint him. Therefor, we the fans of Manchester United, must show our support for Ole, by signing this petition!