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Immediate long term accommodation for Aisling and her 2 children.

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Aisling is a survivor of domestic violence. She has two children, an 8 year old boy and a six year old daughter. She raises her children on her own, as due to violence, their Father has no contact with them.

Aisling has lived with the threat of homelessness for the last year. Her Landlord is selling her home. She has looked for a home and there is not one propoerty under the rent caps in her area. Her children are happy and settled in school and she wants them to continue to stay there.

At the end of July, Aisling was diagnosed with Breast cancer in both breasts and will be having an operation in both breasts at the end of this month, the day before her children return to school. Ten days later, she will be evicted. She faces at least a year of chemotherapy and radiation.

Aisling needs a real home, not emergency hostel accommodation. She can't be placed in a hostel, miles from her children's svhool and be expected to travel across the city to bring her children to schooll. Her children have no Father, a sick Mother and at the very least, deserve a secure home and to be allowed to stay in their existing school with their existing friends.

We call on Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council to provide an immediate home for Aisling and her two children and to ensure, this family can stay in the community where they have support and friends.


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