End Cruel Elephant Attractions in Way Kambas

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Way Kambas elephant conservation center is a government-owned facility and located in Lampung, Sumatra. The premise houses around 67 elephants, both male and female.These elephants are made to give rides to tourists and forced to to perform tricks, such as playing football, counting, playing with hula hoops, and raising flags. Tourists can take pictures, with, and pet, baby elephants.

Elephants are chained when they are not working. Some elephants appear to be grazing in the meadow. But others, trained at this facility, have been sent to zoos to become riding elephants. Some of them are comes from the wild.

Under law No.479/Kpts-II/1998 decreed by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, zoo and conservation establishments must protect and treat these endangered Sumatran elephants in a responsible and ethical manner.

But our team has witnessed the abuse of elephants. Young elephants are ridden by adult humans. The use of bull hooks on these elephants' heads to force them to comply, is common place. Injuries on these elephants' heads, through repeated use of bull hooks, are clear to see.

In recent years, the abuse and exploitation, together with lack of animal welfare practices, have resulted in the deaths of several Sumatran elephants. The most publicized death is that of Yani the Sumatran elephant at Bandung Zoo. She was denied medical attention and died in agony. As recent as September 2017, another Sumatran elephant, 28 year old Bita from Bukittinggi Zoo, also died due to lack of specialist medical attention. She had sores on her left leg, most likely from being chained and had been sick for 3 months.

These acts of cruelty and abuse must stop!!

Please join us and demand that Minister of Environment and Forestry Indonesia Siti Nurbaya, to stop End Cruel Elephant Attractions in Way kambas elephant conservation center