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We petition not to put on display anything related to the comfort women.

アサー・フラグ ホロコースト博物館館長







We petition not to put on display anything related to the comfort women.

We have heard that the KHRCA has a plan for a permanent exhibition of comfort women in cooperation with the Korean community.

We protest against such an exhibition for comfort women.

The comfort women issue has been a kind of tool to discredit Japan and to divide the allies, the U.S., Japan, and R. Korea, as part of an information war started by China, which would create an advantage through the division of these three countries.

The issue is just propaganda under the pretext of human rights.

So the exhibition would do nothing but deteriorate the relations not only between Japan and Korea, but also the U.S. and Japan.


We hope the KHRCA will understand the true nature of the issue and never ruin your remarkable reputation by taking part in the propaganda for the purpose of destroying the good relations of these three nations.







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  • Dr. Arthur Flug,the Executive Director of the Harriet & Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center

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