Make Clone Wars 2003 Part of Disney's New Canon of Star Wars

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In 2003, Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack, created and directed Star Wars Clone Wars, an animated TV series based on the Star Wars franchise at the request of George Lucas, utilizing an animation style very similiar to Samurai Jack. The series's success led to the greenlight of a third season, being concluded in 2005. The animated series recieved critical acclaim, winning two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program (in 2004 and 2005).

Following the acquisition of LucasFilm by Walt Disney Studios, the franchise began a restructuration in its story canon, leaving Clone Wars 2003 out of the main canon. This petition asks to reintegrate the 2003 Clone Wars micro-series adapted, directed, produced and co-written by Genndy Tartakovsky in Disney new story canon, since it is a series with much quality and the plot of the animation doesn't harm the story of the new canon, by the contrary, the plot of Clone Wars increases the lore and universe of Star Wars.