Re-activate Data#7651 his Discord account

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On Wednesday, the 05.12.2018, Data#7651 his Discord Account got disabled for a very unreasonable reason. The reason was that he was "participating" in a server which was used primarily for phising. This was not true, he sure was in the server, but he never participated in the activity there, making the reason more than unreasonable.

To fix this problem, Discord should re-activate Data#7651 his account again since it was clearly an unfair ban. If needed, contact can be made with him at the same time to discuss the ban.

Persönliche Geschichte
I am Data, (Data#7651), and I got banned as mentioned in the problem for "participating" in a server which was used primarily for phising. This is not true, I was only in the server itself not knowing that it was used for phising, since I barely ever looked into it and never participated in anything that happened there. The ban is due to that extremely unreasonable. I contacted support 30 minutes after I received the E-Mail, and once the support replied they only stated that it's a permanent ban and nothing will happen anymore. But of course I can't just leave it like that, I made too many memories on that account and just saying "Ok, I got banned for an unreasonable reason, time to move on." is simply not possible. I can't understand why Discord would just simply disable my account for a reason like that when it is not even true.