Make DeviantArt Eclipse optional

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DeviantArt just announced the new Design of their website, DeviantArt Eclipse, and the users had split opinions on it. Some said that they preferred the new Design, due to it looking more professional, other's prefer the old Design, as it's less complicated to operate and has worked perfectly well for many years prior.

This is the reason why this petition was started: Please make the Eclipse Design optional, so both groups are happy!

Criticisms of the new Design were:

  • Confusing Layout/Operation
  • Site being slow and/or unresponsive on Eclipse
  • Core membership no longer being necessary (As there are no Ads and page customization no longer relies on membership)
  • Poorly picked colors (Too dark/light, contrast too high, resulting in migraines etc.)
  • Thumbnails being too big for the screen (resulting in the site seeming like it's been stretched from a mobile device)
  • Various bugs and glitches (though they might get fixed in the final version)
  • Website looking boring and uninspired

The permanent change might lead to many artists leaving DeviantArt, and I am sure that nobody wants that. Please sign this, before it is too late.

[Idea of a petition inspired by DeviantArt user @Aartcritique]