Audyssey Dynamic EQ - Allow Users to toggle the Surround Boost on and off!

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Dear Audyssey developers:

Most of us end-users love the fact, that we can get a well rounded Frequency Response on our home cinema systems by activating the "Audyssey Dynamic EQ" functionality. 

Sadly, there is a linked function that raises the Volume Level of the Surround L/R, the Rear L/R and the Top Rear/Rear Height Speakers by about 1db per 5db below 0db reference listening volume.

This works for some Users, but many of us have problems with the elevated Sound Levels from the Surrounds and Rears.


It should be fairly simply to implement an On/Off Functionality for the DynEQ Surround boost, so we can enjoy the benefits of Dynamic EQ while maintaining the proper balance of our Soundstage. It would be even better to give users a more granular control, allowing configurable offsets for the Surround boost, similar to Dynamic Volume. Settings of "Off, Low, Medium and High" would allow each user group to find their "sweet spot" for the Surround Volume elevation, tailored to their listening environment and personal preference.

We ask you to consider this and implement it in either a Firmware Upgrade for current AVRs, via the Audyssey App (Android, iOS) or at least offer it as a feature for upcoming Denon and Marantz AVRs!