Demand the Episcopal Church Investigate Perjuring Priest Bob Malm!

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Since 2015, Episcopal priest Bob Malm, formerly rector of Grace Episcopal in Alexandria VA, abused his position repeatedly. This included:

  • Trying to drag Sigrid Yahner, a 75-year old woman dying of COPD, into court. (Pictured above, Mom died January 28, just 20 days after her own mother. During her last two years of life, she suffered from a severe anxiety disorder in addition to the terrible suffering of her disease.)
  • Committing perjury in writing, while advised by Episcopal church attorney Jeffery Chiow.
  • Trying to shut down online criticism by falsely claiming that he was being threatened.
  • Repeatedly making false statements of fact and law to the court.
  • Deliberately misusing memorial donations.
  • Forcing innocent family members out of his church.
  • Threatening church members.
  • Repeatedly violating confidentiality mandated by church canons.
  • Repeatedly lying to his vestry, parish, and bishop.

Even worse, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and Bishop Susan Goff have repeatedly refused to address Bob Malm’s outrageous behavior, saying they will only get involved if Malm faces criminal charges. That’s the same as saying clergy get a free pass for almost any sort of conduct, because law enforcement and prosecutors alike are unlikely to pursue charges. That’s particularly the case with perjury, which is a notoriously difficult crime to charge and prosecute. No wonder organized religion is in a state of sharp decline when church leaders turn a blind eye to clergy misconduct.

Join me in demanding that the Diocese conduct a full, thorough, and independent investigation of Malm, then act on the results. Abuse is abuse, whether it’s sexual, financial, emotional, physical, or other. And so far, there’s been zero accountability. In fact, Malm now serves as interim rector of St. Gabriel’s parish in Marion, Massachussets.

No one should have to spend the final months of their life being bullied by clergy. Church should be a safe place for all persons. And clergy should be accountable for their actions. 

It is time to hold Bob Malm accountable. Learn more at