Implement the Saber Alter Outfit from the Shinjuku Quest as an Official Costume Dress

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Let me start by introducing myself, not as a single entity but as an identity on which I can express myself freely on this matter. With regards to that, my name at this specific case is Reina, which is also my username in the game itself.

I had only started playing Fate/Grand Order (which I shall refer to as FGO from this point onward), around two years ago. At that time I was still oblivious to the large universe of Fate and its many exciting yet thrilling appeals.

I would be lying if I said that there were no tears shed amongst all those lost quartz nor would I be telling the truth if I said I had collected every single character I wanted. However, this all changed when I realized the existence of costume dresses in the game itself.

At the time Jeanne Alter’s costume dress was first released, I hope I won’t be speaking for myself, but I was filled with excitement that has never been recorded before in my entire gameplay moment—except for all the spooks and minuscule amount of 5 stars I have in my entire lifetime. One of my friends was so swept away by it that I almost believed he may have been the first person to attain the costume in the entirety of the game itself. I may be exaggerating myself, but you get the bigger picture.

I was still new to the game at that time, and being honest with everyone, all I knew was to tap three cards and summon all the heroes from the past. So, as I watched my friend grind for the materials to enable her costume, I was simply entranced.

Skipping forward till today, I was able to finally complete the Shinjuku Pseudo-Singularity—which is also the time when I realized where Jeanne Alter’s costume came from. Curiosity got the better of me, and so I found out that it was only Jeanne Alter who had received the in-game costume dress—and not Saber Alter.

Hence, we arrive to this point in this petition. Saber Alter’s costume in Shinjuku was nothing short of amazing in my opinion. It was like a breath of new air with her being stripped (forgive my poor choice of words) off her usual knightly look (as for Saber Alter’s third ascension that is another case) and given casual clothing for a change. It was like seeing Saber from the Fate/Stay Night Series with casual clothing (or the Anniversary Blonde Mystic code for Reference) in an alternate form which matches her personality. I believe that we can all agree on that aspect together.

Therefore, allow me to end this by simply stating that although this may be a lost cause, and that I may be the only person who believes in this cause—I would still like to voice my position as a person who desires the new costume implementation for Saber Alter. With that, Reina out.


p.s. Credits to whomever owns the image. I'm sorry I didn't do enough to find its source as Reddit is blocked here. Apologies.