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National Social Development has very recently proposed drastic changes to our law that will

  • negate children’s best interests; and
  • undermine their Constitutional, legal and human right to family life through adoption. 

Last day for comments on the Gazetted Children’s Amendment Bill of 2018 is TODAY.

YOU could be detrimentally affected if you are:-

  • an abandoned, orphaned, unparented child who is adoptable
  • a child in the process of being adopted
  • a child who has been adopted
  • a family member of such a child
  • an adoptive parent or prospective adoptive parent
  • a child protection organisation
  • an adoption social worker in private practice
  • a member of any profession serving adoptable or adopted children or their birth or adoptive families – e.g a lawyer, psychologist, medical practitioner, trauma counselor, therapist, migration consultant, researcher, social justice advocate
  • a donor, philanthropist or volunteer

I have prepared detailed research that I will distribute shortly.

But right now, our most vulnerable children need you to stand up - and demand more time– time to lodge objections to proposed laws that detract from children’s rights; time for proper consultation with all stakeholders listed above; time for children themselves to add to the debate.

Yours in children

Debbie Wybrow

Somerset West, South Africa
Practising Attorney: Wybrow-Oliver
Founding Director: Wandisa™ Child Protection & Adoption Specialists

Please copy and email this to National DSD and to me.

To:    ;;

Subject:     Extension requested: Children’s Amendment Bill 2018

Dear President Ramaphosa; Chair: Portfolio Committee, Social Development, National Assembly; National Department of Social Development

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Organisation                ---------------------------

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Clauses commented on:-

The whole of the Children’s Amendment Bill of 2018, as Gazetted on 29 October 2018.


Deadline for all comments must be extended to 31 January 2019
to enable all stakeholders, especially children, to provide input.


The Constitutional rights of children and adults are at stake.

Gazetted Bill has far-reaching repercussions for many stakeholders who have not been properly consulted, nor provided with adequate time to lodge objections and make recommendations.

The voices of children cannot be excluded from processes involving them.

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