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The Public's Response - What do we really need?

Elise Lacey
Victoria, Australia

Nov 27, 2018 — 

Victorian Labor are back in power and our real campaign begins!

We decided to ask people how they think the $232 million dollar promise could be better spent on The Beyond Sleep Training Project page, and the response was AMAZING!

Simply put, families don’t need more sleep schools but there are some very real, concrete ways to help and the themes were recurring ...

Check out the full thread here -

The Baby Bundle Families Actually Need -

  • 1 copy of the Possums Sleep Film
  • 6 free International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) appointments and any extra subsidised by Medicare 
  • An appointment with a Women’s Health physiotherapist to check for postnatal issues such as prolapse, Ab separation etc. 
  • A postnatal doula trained in safe sleep including bed-sharing and baby-wearing practices 
  • Access to Meals-on-wheels-for-families to utilise when families are struggling with nutritious meals around demands of family 
  • An extension to the Paid Parental Leave entitlement (state booster)
  • Provisions for extended payments and leave for families of premature babies so their leave isn’t used up before they can even get their babies home (breastmilk is particularly important for neonates)
  • Access to free flexible, childcare while parents access support such as psychologist or psychiatrist appointments, family counselling and education

Though this may sound expensive, it would save huge dollars in the long run with benefits including -

  • Parents armed with realistic expectations for their baby and strategies to help ensure the whole family is as well rested as possible
    = better mental health for the whole family with far less anxiety and feelings of failure. 
  • Improved breastfeeding rates which would save the Health department massive amounts both in short and long term health gains to both nursing mother and child
  • Women able to receive treatment for postnatal conditions that are fully treatable if identified and the correct treatment prescribed in a timely manner
    = healthier women, with improved sense of self and more productive over their lifetime
  • Provide crucial postnatal support for mothers during the vulnerable time as they recover and discover life with their baby
    = reduce risk of depression and anxiety
  • Safe sleep message broadened to how to establish a safe shared sleep surface to prevent accidental unsafe co-sleeping will save lives AND allow mothers to find rest AND improve breastfeeding duration. 
  • Families will have safe baby wearing in their parenting arsenal allowing them to honour their child’s need for contact and comfort, bond with their child through close physical connection AND remain mobile and hands free = improved mental health for the whole family and more productive
  • Relieve some of the stress of meal preparation and provide much-needed nutrition to the postnatal parent
    = improved physical and mental wellbeing as well as awareness of the normality of this struggle and how acceptable it is to reach out for help.

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