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Stop Apple IOS 11 64Bit only - 32Bit Support needed

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I am an Apple User since 2010 bought near every Apple Product.
Loved the new Devices and sometimes hated the new IOS Version
(like the simplified Appicons after IOS 7..."thank you Jony Ive")

But whats coming next must be stopped... missing 32Bit Support
Yes If you only have 20 Apps on your Device you may not be affected.

I udpated to IOS 10.3.1 and I have 442 Apps
"which have to be updated to work in further IOS Versions"

Now I should find out the Email adresse of 442 Developer and ask them to be so kind and develope there App under 64Bit.
Or just forget that I payed Apple hundreds of Dollar to buy this 442 Apps....

The Answer is NO ... STOP !
Apple. Support IOS 11 with 32 Bit Apps or lose Customers !
... I will not buy an Device without 32 Bit support
and won´t update my devices anymore ...

There is no technical need for this missing support... if my App is greate and runs slower ...ok its my problem ... I payed for that app and use it as it is.
Without some of these Apps I don´t want to have an iPhone anymore.

Support this petition ...and say NO too.

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