Chucklefish: Re-Implement Planet Chat into Starbound

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Dear Chucklefish,

We, as consumers, are deeply dissatisfied with the current state of affairs regarding the removal of chat channels. We feel that this is a critical feature for one of the main communities of Starbound, large multiplayer servers, both sandbox and roleplay. It is true that there are those that stick to small-scale skype discussions and play only with their friends, but large multiplayer servers make up one of the core parts of Starbound.

The first and foremost issue of removing planet chat is clutter, something large servers rely on the planet chat almost entirely to keep the game playable in any form. We feel that removing this quite frankly critical feature to the game for the sake of releasing faster is a horrific decision. Not only that, but a bad precedence has already been set with promising to add it back in after the release.

To this we point to character descriptions, where you used to be able to inspect a person and get a description of their character if they set one. This was promised to return, but yet, even now, it remains a removed feature. Therefore, we feel that our lack of trust in the vague promise of adding it back sometime after release is perfectly justified. Until the trust can be rebuilt, we wish that you do not release until you re-add this feature, rather than continue a bad development habit.

Multiple developers have already stood up and said that it should be a day's worth of work to implement if the code is not a complete and utter mess, so as the consumers of your product we request that a day is used to implement the feature. If the code is too unwieldy and unworkable to add chat channels at all within this timespan, then that is only a further degradation of our trust in your ability to develop a satisfying game.

So, for the sake of all of us, we ask that you implement chat channels back into the game, to help rebuild trust in the community of your ability to provide a product that was worth the purchase, and to avoid alienating a considerable portion of your playerbase. We have remained in the game despite everything that's been thrown at us, so we feel that this simple request should be considered, as it is the one time we've stood up to defend a critical feature of the game.


Starbound Community Members

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