Stop the Religious Discrimination Bill: the Coalition's "Handmaid's Tale"

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The Morrison government has introduced a religious discrimination bill that will allow for blatant discrimination against our society's most vulnerable groups:

-Single Mums 
-People with a disability
-Ethnically and religiously diverse populations

...all under the guise of religious freedom. 

This discrimination will occur in all elements of our public life including in:
-Medical services

Here are some examples of allowable behaviour under this bill:

-CONTRACEPTION-  Pharmacists and doctors may choose not to provide contraception, the morning after pill or the PEP pill on the basis of religious belief 

-ETHNICALLY DIVERSE- Someone of a minority faith may be told by a staff member that they are a “heathen destined for eternal damnation” (PIAC).

-SINGLE MOTHERS- A single mother may be told by daycare staff that she is "sinful for denying her child a father" (PIAC)

-LGBTIQ- Laws against programs promoting conversion therapy for the LGBTIQ population are overridden under this bill. Doctors and pharmacists may refuse to prescribe hormone treatments for gender transitions. 

-A student with a disability may be told by a teacher their disability is a trial imposed by God (PIAC)

-A student at a religious school may be punished for deciding that they no longer believe in that religion

-A woman may be told by a manager that women should submit to their husbands or that women should not be employed outside the home (PIAC)


Our way of life is under threat as a group of religious conservatives and fanatics threaten to persecute women and minority groups. This is not the way of a peaceful, harmonious and secular society.

Act now, before Australia becomes Gilead.