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Support Backyard Chickens in New Kensington-Arnold

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This petition is being formed to work to change the ordinances currently in place that forbids keeping chickens in our yards.

We hope to work closely with council members in both New Kensington and Arnold to help rewrite the ordinance to allow backyard hens. We hope to help pave the way, research and information wise, to make this decision and transition as smooth and easy as possible.

First we must sign petitions. If you are in favor of supporting families that wish to keep chickens legally in their yards please sign! 

Chickens have been animals companions of humans for thousands of years. When allowed to range in the yard, they are very entertaining and they provide more benefits to us than cats or dogs. (whom we love just as much!)

Chickens provide outstanding pest control, eating ticks, slugs, mosquitoes, and many other insects. They produce eggs that are much more nutritious than those you can buy at a grocery store. 

Backyard chickens will generally get far more humane care than those raised in filthy, crowded "factory farms." Industrial production is creating numerous problems, including pollution from manure, antibiotic resistance and a higher risk of a more dangerous stain of bird flu.

Keeping poultry is not a hobby for us. We are serious about wanting to ethically raise our own food. For a legislative body to deny its citizens their food sovereignty is nothing short of a violation of our rights.

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